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Page history last edited by PBworks 18 years, 8 months ago

For those using PB Wiki. I've found a way to show all past revisions (though I still am not sure how to see who revised, but there must be a way). At the top of your page, there's a box that says "search here." Type the name of the Wiki that's been changed and hit enter. Next you'll be taken to a page where there's an option to also search backup copies. Select that option and hit search. You'll be taken to a list of all versions of the page. Hope that helps. Kem


If there's a better place for this, please move it!


Thanks Kem, this is super advice. I just got through telling my students that looking up recent revisions wasn't, in fact, possible, as I had first claimed it was. Now On wednesday I get to contradict myself again. Huzzah! - Peter


Great hack, Kem. You should share it with the pbwiki forum too - if they just made a button out of the sequence you worked out, they could slap "recent changes" on it and suddenly have a new feature. And Peter,it's good to provide a moving target for those rhetors in training....MitoChondriac

Another method: click the "all pages" tab, then click the underlined phrase "except revisions", and la voila! every modification made to every page in the history of your wiki.


I've also emailed the pbwiki administrators about a modification stamp so everyone can tell who is actually making these revisions. According to them, they might have something functioning in a week or so.-Steve

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