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Ad Analysis

Superbowl Ads

Branding Activity


Arguments Based on Character:

1. Dave Matthews

2. Terrell Owens

3. Eminem


Pictoral Definition:

1) Reality vs. Abstraction: Shrek, Prince Valiant, Peanuts.


2) Language Community: By defining a term you are reaching an agreement with your language community. Who do you think your language community is, and how can you speak to them?



Do the mother and the child belong to different language communities? Do you feel the mother should enforce the suggestion she makes in this cartoon?


3) Everyday Definition


How To:

How to clean your house:


Pictoral Causality:


Pearls before Swine

Rudy Park


Grand Avenue 3/14 versus Grand Avenue 3/16



1. Ocean's Eleven (scene 31)

2. Return of the King (scenes 9, 60)



1. X-files: Triangle


Humorous Arguments:

Star Wars

Ad Parodies


Just for fun:

London Tube

Interactive Essays

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