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Assignment Description: Facilitation of class discussion


You and a group of your peers are responsible for leading a day of class discussion on a supplementary reading (time will vary depending on the reading, but the discussion will be at least 20 minutes). No more than 4 students should be in a group. You will be graded as a group. You should all meet with me the week before the presentation to tell me which essay you’ll be preparing, and what questions you’ll be asking the class to consider during the presentation. On the day of your presentation or before you should hand me a list of these questions, as well as your responses to them. The presentation should cover the following:


-An overview of the essay. This includes basic thesis and outline of the structure of the essay (how does the author make her argument / present the information? What rhetorical forms are used?). It should also include a discussion about the themes of the essay. Is the author making an argument about something? If so, what? How? Where appropriate, you might also provide a bit of background information, such as a few relevant biographical details about the author (keep this brief) or the publication history of the essay.

-A series of questions for the class to consider about the essay. These can be relatively straightforward questions (i.e. “Did you like the essay? Why or why not?”) but you should also try to push your classmates to think beyond the surface. What is the author really saying? How does the argument hold up? How does the essay compare to other essays we’ve read in the class? How can your classmates use this essay as they think about writing their own essays in a similar rhetorical form? How does the essay connect to rhetorical concepts we’ve been discussing in class?


The presentation should be interactive. Think of yourselves as teachers for the day. For example, you can bring in outside materials, have class members do group work, or respond to in-class prompts in their English 15 journal. The presentation should be structured as a series of questions that you pose to the class rather than a lecture delivered at them. For example, if you are discussion the thesis of the essay, you might ask the class what they thought it was, and then compare their thoughts to your own.

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